Sound Design For Trailers: Hits, Rises, Drones & Pulses

Ezra Sandzer-Bell from the Audio Design Desk team has written up an article discussing categories of non-diegetic sound effects, or sound design elements, commonly used in trailer (and other) sound design. It’s a good intro to the use of some of these types of sounds in productions and can be read here:

Book Review – Beneath the Boom Pole by Patrushkha Mierzwa

Beneath the Boom Pole: The Art & Science of Boom Operating for Movies & TV is the 2nd book written by veteran production sound professional Patrushkha Mierzwa. Whereas the author’s first book focused on the role of the Sound Utility / Utility Sound Technician (UST), this recent release focuses on the more widely known Boom … Read more Book Review – Beneath the Boom Pole by Patrushkha Mierzwa

Multitrack Recording Van/Vehicle Sound Effects

Around 2 years ago I needed to record some atmos/SFX for a scene for a feature film which featured some driving in a van. To cover it adequately for a 5.1 surround mix I used 6 microphones and did some takes or passes where I was using audio cues in headphones to “perform” the driving … Read more Multitrack Recording Van/Vehicle Sound Effects

AirCon Audio Conference Recordings

Airwiggles recently held an online conference (AirCon 2023) covering many aspects of audio production with “over 50 hours of live talks, panels, and interviews featuring inspiring audio professionals from around the world.” A lot of the events sounded interesting but the times of the events were usually not great for me to attend in real … Read more AirCon Audio Conference Recordings