The Foley Team at Skywalker Sound

Skywalker Sound is one of the big names in sound for film, and a short video profile has been posted up by American Lifestyle chatting to their Foley team about their work. Check it out below.  

OzPod 2018

OzPod2018: ABC’s Podcast Conference, was on this week, and ABC are kind enough to share recordings of their sessions online which includes some potentially useful resources for podcasters. You can check them out at:

Music Industry Sales

The Visualist Capitalist website has posted a great graph showing music industry sales in the USA in $ (adjusted for inflation) over the past 40 years. It shows that music sales revenue peaked in the late 90’s, with CDs making up over 95% of the market in 2002, before MP3s and streaming services came online […]

25fps to 24fps Audio for DCP

For a documentary project that I recently completed audio post-production on, I was asked about converting the native 25 frames per second (fps) audio mixes to a 24 frames per second (fps) version to make a 24 fps DCP that is a safe interop version for playback worldwide for festival screenings. The normal process for converting from […]

Podcast Specifications

Apple have recently published a couple of specifications documents for podcasting at: The Best Practices document discusses formats and loudness. Loudness is as expected at -16 LKFS, although they don’t mention anything different for mono vs stereo which I find a little odd. It is pretty standard practice for mono content to be […]

Behind the Music of Doom

A friend recommended I check out a video of one of the talks from GDC 2017 from Australian composer and sound designer Mick Gordon about his work on the Doom game soundtrack from a year or two ago. It provides some interesting insight into his approach and creativity in general. Check out the full talk […]

Jurassic World Sound Design

I just came across a video from a  couple of years ago about making the soundtrack for Jurassic World. The first half discusses the sound design including field recording for dinosaurs and other Foley and loop group work, and then the second half discusses the orchestral score more. Check it out below.    

Recording Foley Sound Effects for ‘The Night Manager’

Audient have posted up a neat video about the Foley process. This one is a useful resource in that it has Foley artist Barnaby Smyth from Feet First Sound working through a short scene from The Night Manager. Check it out below.  

EBU R128 Loudness Implementation for Broadcasting

Mike Thornton from Pro Tools Expert is a bit of a guru with regards to loudness management for media production. A few years ago he did a talk at BVE 2015 which is available to view online, and provides a good summary of the changes in loudness measurement and regulation for broadcast that came in […]

A Quiet Place — Telling a Story with Sound

The film A Quiet Place by John Krasinksi is a great example of a film where sound is truly integral to the whole story. A lot of times sound is not considered too much at the script writing stage, which can make for some missed opportunities, but in the case of A Quiet Place, it was […]