Sound Levels in Cinemas

Something that has been bothering me lately is the variable playback loudness in cinemas, with most cinemas playing back well below the Dolby Reference standard level of 7 (or calibrated to 85dB SPL), but seemingly there pretty much being no standard anymore. Unfortunately films being mixed at lower levels, to make for louder mixes, which … Read more Sound Levels in Cinemas

Intelligibility in Films

The website has posted up an article discussing some of the reasons why it has often become more difficult to understand the dialogue in films these days. There are a number of points that cover creative choices such as Christopher Nolan’s approach in various films and mixing with theatrical dynamics that doesn’t necessarily translate … Read more Intelligibility in Films

Book Review – Behind the Sound Cart by Patrushkha Mierzwa

Behind the Sound Cart: A Veteran’s Guide to Sound on the Set is a welcome addition to the small number of books available about production sound recording for screen productions, and it is the only book that I am aware of that focuses on the Sound Utility / Utility Sound Technician (UST) role specifically. This … Read more Book Review – Behind the Sound Cart by Patrushkha Mierzwa

Immersive Microphone Set-ups

DPA have some fantastic information in their Mic University and their page discussing microphone set-ups for surround sound and immersive audio formats is a really great primer covering some of the common approaches: I’ve recorded using various multi-channel/surround techniques, but my most common approach for ambiences is using an IRT Cross. Although the technique … Read more Immersive Microphone Set-ups