Mass Files

Last month I contributed to a project by a visual artist working in Zurich called Veronika Spierenburg. Spierenburg engaged sound recordists to undertake field recording in cities that were currently under various stages of “lockdown” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From Veronika’s briefing: Now, cities breathe for themselves. City pitches are reset; an extraordinary crisis … Read more Mass Files

More on Loudness Standards

I have blogged about loudness for the web and mobile devices before (Mixing Levels for Mobile DevicesĀ andĀ Online Music Loudness), and things are slowly starting to become a bit more standardised. The AES Technical Council released a recommendation paper late last year which is fairly in line with stuff I have previously included in my blog, … Read more More on Loudness Standards

Plug-in Vector Matrix

Someone recently posted a link to a guest contribution by Charles Maynes on the Designing Sound website from a few years ago where he shows a simple but effective way of setting up a plug-in vector matrix in Pro Tools HD using a surround bus. Check it out at: