Beneath the Surface

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of Lake Burley Griffin? Come and explore the aural underwater environment Beneath the Surface.

Beneath the Surface is an immersive soundscape comprised of hydrophone (underwater microphone) recordings from Lake Burley Griffin, taking you on a journey from near where the Molonglo River and Jerrabomberra Wetlands flow into the Lake right through to Scrivener Dam.

The soundscape which was first presented at Enlighten Festival 2019 is now available to listen to (and/or download) online from Soundcloud, including notes about what you are hearing. I liked leaving some mystery to the sounds for the original presentation at Enlighten to allow some space for people’s imaginations, but now I’m keen to “enlighten” people as to what they are listening to. Here is the piece on Soundcloud:

The Beneath the Surface soundscape installation was presented at Enlighten 2019. Thanks to Enlighten and Visabel for supporting the project. Enlighten is an annual festival held in Canberra featuring illuminating light installations and projections, performances and other events. The installation was presented in the form of 5 listening posts set up with 4 pairs of headphones at each so that up to 20 people at a time could listen to the soundscape while taking in the visuals from the nearby Animcule installation:

A listening station at Enlighten 2019
Listeners tuning in to Beneath the Surface at Enlighten 2019

Artist and Project Manager: Tim Duck
Field Recordings: Tim Duck, Jeff Meklons, Lachlan Lipsett

Enlighten, Ayla Pentikainen, Vickii Cotter (Visabel), The Wired Lab, Peter Shea, Dayne Rathbone