Tim Duck

Tim Duck Soundlister Profile

Soundlister is a website for audio professional portfolios.

Tim Duck Kitshare Profile

Kitshare is set up to allow a community of creators to save time and money renting gear or earn extra income while your gear isn’t being used. Hire some of my audio equipment here.

Infidel Studios

Infidel Studios

Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia. Infidel Studios has been operating since 1999 and offers a range of audio services including multitrack digital and analogue studio recording.


Ayla Marika Illustration and Design

Ayla Marika specialises in illustration and graphic design.

Ambient Fridge

Ambient Fridge

The web home for Andrew Mooney. Andrew is an audio professional associate with an interest in photography.

Comedy ACT

Comedy ACT

Comedy ACT organises and promotes comedy shows and comedians in Canberra, ACT.

Canberra Comedy Festival

Tim Duck is also Director of Canberra’s very own comedy festival.