Frogs of Meroo National Park

I got a little time to go out for some field recording the other weekend around the Burrill Lake area (just south of Ulladulla) on the south coast of NSW, where I found a great sounding patch of frogs in the Meroo National Park. I stumbled across them almost by luck during the afternoon, and came back later in the night to do some more recording while the background ambience would be quiet and the frogs would be more active.

Below is one of the later recordings captured at night.

I am no good at identifying species of frogs by their calls, so I put a post out on Facebook with the recording and was pleased to get some people commenting on it that could identify some of the frogs. Below are copies of the two main ones that identified frogs.

Thomas Rowell: There’s about 6 species going there, but the main plunky ones are Banjo Frogs, also called Pobblebonks Limnodynastes dumerili. Super cool frog, each one makes a different note depending on their size. Theres also Spotted Marsh Frogs doing the loud krikrikrikri one, Limnodynastes tasmaniensis. I don’t know the others though.

Cameron Radford: The species above are correct (nice work Thomas/Mark). There’s also Common Eastern Froglet (Crinia signifera), Verreaux’s Tree Frog (Litoria verreauxii) and Haswell’s Frog (Paracrinia haswelli).

Thanks very much Thomas and Cameron. You’ve inspired me to learn how to identify frog calls better, so I’ve enrolled in a Frogwatch Training session to be held at Jerrabombera Wetlands Centre this coming week.

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