Field Recording Technical Introduction Course

I recently produced a series of simple short videos of me discussing various field recording techniques. I haven’t put them online yet, but I plan to do so in the near future (although I’m not planning on making them freely available to the public). My videos are aimed at people who have some basic existing knowledge/experience of audio recording, such as sound and media students, or developing field recordists, who would like to know more about different stereo techniques, and alternative techniques such as using contact microphones or hydrophones.

I did a search for similar things online before starting to make the videos and I couldn’t find anything really like it. There still isn’t, as far as I am aware, however just recently a new online course comprising a series a well produced videos have been put online by Ian Smith from the UK. Ian’s video series are really well thought out and cover info including the basics of audio recording and the technology. Ian’s videos are great for people just starting out, and some of his planned videos will be great for more experienced recordists too and will cover some more aspects in common with my videos.

I recommend Ian’s videos if you are just getting started in field recording and are looking to find out more info. Check them out at:

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    • Thanks for your interest Sam, and for reminding me about this – I’ve been a bit busy recently so it is good to get a reminder. I’ll try to remember to email you when I post them up.

      Looks like you do some really interesting work too!


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