Creativity in the Studio

Dom Morley from Mix Consultancy, has written some tips for boosting creativity in the studio for the Production Expert website, which are actually just simple tips for creativity generally no matter whether it is in the studio or other types of creative pursuits. Here they are:

Wireless Spectrum Management for Fire Fight 2020 Concert

Profiles Resource Management have written up a great article/post about the work they did in managing the wireless (RF) spectrum for the massive Fire Fight Concert for National Bushfire Relief at ANZ Stadium in Sydney in 2020. The article gives some good insight into the challenges of dealing with many wireless channels in a high … Read more Wireless Spectrum Management for Fire Fight 2020 Concert

The Modern Production Sound Team

Simon Hayes has written a fantastic article for the Production Sound and Video Journal from IATSE 695 about the challenges of the modern film/drama production sound team, including the use of multiple cameras and expectations around wireless equipment etc. It is an excellent read for anyone involved with sound or producing for drama films and … Read more The Modern Production Sound Team

Wildlife Sound in Screen Media

I few months ago I had the pleasure of presenting the inaugural Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group online seminar. I presented about the use of wildlife sound in screen media, and the recording of the Zoom meeting is on YouTube now. Please note that audio quality on Zoom recordings is mono and a bit limited … Read more Wildlife Sound in Screen Media

Writing and Sound Design

Essa Hansen, a Sound Designer at Skywalker Sound, has written an article discussing what she has learnt about writing from her sound design work, referencing Walter Murch’s ideas about embodied sound and encoded sound. It is worth a read if you are interested in either sound design or creative writing, and you can read the … Read more Writing and Sound Design