Ian Shepherd AES Mastering Talk

UK Mastering guru Ian Shepherd from Production Advice presented a talk at a recent AES event focussed on “Mastering in the Streaming Era”. It starts with a general overview of what mastering is, but then goes into some more detail around considerations of mastering in the current era including loudness, normalisation and perceptual coding. You … Read more Ian Shepherd AES Mastering Talk

Film Crew Roles

There are a lot of different job roles in a film crew for larger productions. Studiobinder have a blog post that includes details and explainer videos that covers all the main usual roles which is a useful resource for students or others keen to learn more about film production: https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/film-crew-positions/

Why we all need subtitles now

A big topic of discussion about films and TV recently has been intelligibility of dialogue. I’ve linked to other discussions of it before (https://versed.com.au/intelligibility-in-films) and it is a real issue with many variables coming in to play. Vox have put together a neat video explainer that discusses the main issues at play at: https://www.vox.com/videos/23564218/subtitles-sound-downmixing-dialogue-movies-tv Personally … Read more Why we all need subtitles now

The Psychology of Analogue

I just watched an interesting short documentary by an Irish music producer/engineer that discusses their thoughts around the senses, benefits of an analogue approach with some limitations and creativity generally. It’s a touching and thoughtful short film and well worth a watch for anyone interested in or involved in the sound arts. Check it out … Read more The Psychology of Analogue