Multitrack Recording Van/Vehicle Sound Effects

Around 2 years ago I needed to record some atmos/SFX for a scene for a feature film which featured some driving in a van. To cover it adequately for a 5.1 surround mix I used 6 microphones and did some takes or passes where I was using audio cues in headphones to “perform” the driving sequence relatively in sync with picture.

I took some phone video of the set-up at the time, but have only just got around to posting it up. The video shows my recording set-up which utilises a Sound Devices 788T field recorder and 6 x DPA 4060/4061 microphones. This set-up was for a specific scene. If I was out to get general coverage of the van I would likely also put one or more microphones in the engine bay, but it wasn’t necessary for this project.

Here’s the video:

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