Sound Design For Trailers: Hits, Rises, Drones & Pulses

Ezra Sandzer-Bell from the Audio Design Desk team has written up an article discussing categories of non-diegetic sound effects, or sound design elements, commonly used in trailer (and other) sound design. It’s a good intro to the use of some of these types of sounds in productions and can be read here:

Multitrack Recording Van/Vehicle Sound Effects

Around 2 years ago I needed to record some atmos/SFX for a scene for a feature film which featured some driving in a van. To cover it adequately for a 5.1 surround mix I used 6 microphones and did some takes or passes where I was using audio cues in headphones to “perform” the driving … Read more Multitrack Recording Van/Vehicle Sound Effects

Wildlife Sound in Screen Media

I few months ago I had the pleasure of presenting the inaugural Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group online seminar. I presented about the use of wildlife sound in screen media, and the recording of the Zoom meeting is on YouTube now. Please note that audio quality on Zoom recordings is mono and a bit limited … Read more Wildlife Sound in Screen Media

Writing and Sound Design

Essa Hansen, a Sound Designer at Skywalker Sound, has written an article discussing what she has learnt about writing from her sound design work, referencing Walter Murch’s ideas about embodied sound and encoded sound. It is worth a read if you are interested in either sound design or creative writing, and you can read the … Read more Writing and Sound Design

AWSRG Online Seminar

I’ve been a member of the Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group (AWSRG) since early 2019 and as part of the group’s way of adapting to the current COVID times the AWSRG will be presenting some monthly seminars over Zoom. I have the honour of presenting the first one on 20 October which will be about … Read more AWSRG Online Seminar

Universal Sound Effects Categories

A few years ago Tim Neilsen from Skywalker Sound compiled a sound effects category list in an effort to bring some more standardisation to sound library organisation, or at least to give people a starting off point. Details including the list itself were included in this article: Since then Tim and Justin Drury from … Read more Universal Sound Effects Categories