Creative Commons Soundfield Ambisonics Library

Rode recently released a free (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0) sound library comprising ambisonics recordings from all around the world. The attribution thing might make it a non-starter for a lot of commercial projects, but it could be a useful resource for student projects or for people learning about ambisonics or wanting to have a play … Read more Creative Commons Soundfield Ambisonics Library

Video Conferencing Tips

With everyone seeming to be spending a lot more time video conferencing these days, a BBC reporter with plenty of experience has shared his tips for being successful with it. Read the article at:

Remote Recording

Since the COVID-19 social distancing situation a lot of audio professionals have had to find ways of working remotely, including recording people remotely who wouldn’t normally record themselves at home. Production Expert have published and article and video discussing how to use Source-Connect Now to facilitate such remote recording for voice talent. Check out the … Read more Remote Recording