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Gain Structure for Sennheiser EW100 kit

I primarily use the Sennheiser EW100 G3 gear for my lavs and wireless links for shoots. As I sometimes switch between equipment or loan/hire gear to others I thought I might just note a few of my default starting points for gain structure. SK 100 Transmitter Sensitivity when using DPA 4060 or Sennheiser ME2 (both […]

Why sports sound better in your living room

Vox have put together a neat little video about what goes into the sound for televised sporting events. It is very American-centric in sports choices, but gives some great insight into what is involved. Check it out below.      

How to Keep Your Sound Editor Happy

Jeff Hinton has written a post on the blog about “How to Keep Your Sound Editor Happy”. Written from a Sound Editors perspective, it is a useful reference for video editorial staff and film-makers covering best practises for handing over audio to the sound editorial team. How to Keep Your Sound Editor Happy (According […]

Sounds of Nature

I have been fortunate to be involved with recording quite a bit of Foley for nature documentaries over the last little while. There are a couple of great articles from about 10 years ago that I often refer to in sound design classes that discuss the sound of nature documentaries. I won’t spoil the story, […]

The Same Song Sung in 15 Places

I recently came across a video of a person going by the name wikisinger singing in different places to show the effect of the acoustics and associated reverberation. The video is similar in style to another I had previously seen of a drummer playing in various places, and you can check them both out along […]

The Sound of Sports

I previously included a link to a couple of articles about the sound of sports on television ( Those articles were in reference to a radio documentary program called “The Sound of Sports” produced in 2011. I recently found a link to the full 1 hour program. It is an interesting listen and you can […]

How to Lav Different Outfits

The 4 minute Film School have produced a quick and dirty reference video for how and where to lav people wearing 17 different outfits. It doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but it packs a lot in a short video. Check it out below…

Production Sound Mixer Simon Hayes Mini Masterclass

BAFTA Guru have a great video online of Production Sound Mixer Simon Hayes discussing a little about the production sound process, with a lot of specific details with regards to recording for Les Miserables. Some great insight provided into very professional sound workflow for complicated shoots. Check it out below:

Stretching Sound to Help the Mind See

Way back in 2000 legendary film and film sound editor Walter Murch wrote an interesting article discussing the role of sound for film. He starts with a reflection of the importance of the sound role in the early days of sound films, and goes on to discuss sound design theory. Check it out on the […]

The Village Film Budget

Ever wondered what a Hollywood film budget looks like? Website The Smoking Gun has some interesting resources including a copy of the budget for M Night Shyamalan’s film “The Village”. The budget comes to over $70 million US dollars. According to IMDB, the gross box office income for the film came to over $110 million. […]