Digital Mixer Latency

I was using a couple of digital mixers for a livestreamed event last night and there were some interesting audio/video synch issues which as far as I can tell so far relate to us using Zoom, rather than any hardware issues, however it did make me want to do a test of latency through the digital mixers I was using just to see what we might be looking at from there.

The live sound mixer I was using was an Allen & Heath Qu16 and latency measured was approximately 1.5ms. I was also using a Sound Devices 633 in line for the stream as a gain, metering and recording stage and latency measured across it was approximately 0.75ms running at 48kHz.

These latency specs don’t seem to published anywhere publicly online that I could find easily, so I just thought I’d post about them here as a reference for anyone else who might be curious.

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