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Deep Ocean Sounds from 900m

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) is a nonprofit oceanographic research centre that has set up a live stream of audio from a hydrophone set up at 900 metres below the ocean’s surface just outside Monterey Bay, California. You can tune in to an (almost) live stream anytime at the YouTub stream below: MBARI […]

Gordon Hempton 360 Video

The New York Times have published a really neat 360 video featuring Gordon Hempton discussing silence and his work, focussing on the Hoh Rain Forest, in Washington State.  It is really well put together, and although I’m not sure I’m into the 3D treatment on the voice over as you move about, I reckon it is […]

Effect of Noise on Animals

There have been a number of studies looking into the effect of noise on animals. Noise, of course can have huge effect on the well-being of any animal, including humans. There is a report by J. Brou?ek (NAFC – Research Institute for Animal Production Nitra, Slovak Republic) that summarises a bunch of findings which can be […]

Richard Fidler interviews Chris Watson

Richard Fidler recently interviewed field recordist Chris Watson as part of his Conversations series on ABC Radio. It is a great interview, likely to be of interest to many people. Check it out at: Fortunately I will be getting a chance to see Chris Watson perform at the Wired Lab Open Day this weekend, […]

Being Hear Short Film

There is a short film featuring Gordon Hempton discussing the importance of quiet and listening. Silence, as he puts it, “is the think tank of the soul.” Check out the video below: Being Hear from Spruce Tone Films on Vimeo.

How to fight desertification and reverse climate change

Ecologist Allan Savory gave a really interesting TED Talk a few years back about the power of livestock grazing to mimic nature in order to help reverse desertification. Check it out below:

Fish singing dawn chorus

New Scientist published an article a little while back discussing some hydrophone recording research into dawn and dusk choruses of fish off the Western Australian coast. You can check out the article and a sample recording at:  

Cool Comics

I came across a couple of great comics the other day – one that shows climate change over many millenia ( and another that I think is related, about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world ( I recommend them to people to check out for some info, and for a  bit of fun.

Commercial Aviation World Map

I’m currently reading Gordon Hempton’s book “Earth is a Solar Powered Jukebox”, which I am enjoying a lot. In it Hempton refers to a Creative Commons map of the world that shows “scheduled airline traffic around the world, circa June 2009. Contains 54317 routes, rendered at 25% transparency.” Here it is below: By Jpatokal (Own […]

Yosemite Soundscapes

Yosemite National Park have produced a short episode of their “Yosemite Sound Notes” about Soundscapes and the value of the sound of the natural environment (biophony and geophony). It even includes some Bernie Krause discussing the health side effects of sound on people. Check it out below…