AES Loudness for Internet Audio

The AES have released a new/revised recommendation concerning loudness for internet audio streaming and on-demand application. There are no real surprises in there, with a -18 LKFS/LUFS (+/- 2 LU) integrated loudness for assorted content where the dialogue is not directly measurable on its own, which is in line with previous recommendations, as posted about … Read more AES Loudness for Internet Audio

Remote Recording

Since the COVID-19 social distancing situation a lot of audio professionals have had to find ways of working remotely, including recording people remotely who wouldn’t normally record themselves at home. Production Expert have published and article and video discussing how to use Source-Connect Now to facilitate such remote recording for voice talent. Check out the … Read more Remote Recording

OzPod 2018

OzPod2018: ABC’s Podcast Conference, was on this week, and ABC are kind enough to share recordings of their sessions online which includes some potentially useful resources for podcasters. You can check them out at:

Podcast Specifications

Apple have recently published a couple of specifications documents for podcasting at: The Best Practices document discusses formats and loudness. Loudness is as expected at -16 LKFS, although they don’t mention anything different for mono vs stereo which I find a little odd. It is pretty standard practice for mono content to be … Read more Podcast Specifications