Some Ambisonic Resources

I’ve had a bit of a play with ambisonics since I picked up an Oktava 4D surround microphone for toying around with. I really got the mic to do some surround atmos recordings but occasionally it lets me down as it seems to be very prone to getting condensation in the capsules which cause noise. Recently I have been trying to play with things a bit more in Reaper for decoding since it is so flexible with regards to multi-channel routing. I still have a bit to learn with regards to getting around Reaper for such things, and so I was looking on the net for some info about people dealing with ambisonics in Reaper and came across some cool resources posted up by Dr Bruce Wiggins from the UK on his website:

Bruce’s videos are more about mixing material via an ambisonic process for large multi-channel speaker arrays than decoding ambisonic recordings, but are really useful nonetheless. I plan on trying out his plug-ins soon.

Another great resource is provided by Daniel Courville through his ambisonic plug-ins and articles. Here’s the link to his plug-ins page:

Another website that has a collection of information and links to resources on Ambisonics that is useful is:

There is a pretty great ambisonic plug-in that I have seen someone use before too: 

I’m planning to try it out online:

Another one to check out:

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