Recording with The Naddiks

I’ve been in the studio this week working with The Naddiks. The band recorded a demo EP with me last year and are now working on a full-length release, and play some great rock action, drawing on some classic influences like The Saints, The Stooges, and Pink Floyd, as well as some more modern grungy sounds from the likes of Nirvana and The Vines. For a handful of the tracks we recorded to 2″ tape, hitting it really hard for some old school distortion. We also did a bunch of different sorts of distortion while tracking the vocals through guitar amps, pedals and even a guitar amp driving an underwater speaker with the sound being recorded by a hydrophone. The hydrophone has been in a tub of water in the main room and has been used for drum room sounds and guitar too, so check it out when it comes out for some “interesting” sounds.

The Naddiks website

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