Mass Files

Last month I contributed to a project by a visual artist working in Zurich called Veronika Spierenburg. Spierenburg engaged sound recordists to undertake field recording in cities that were currently under various stages of “lockdown” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From Veronika’s briefing: Now, cities breathe for themselves. City pitches are reset; an extraordinary crisis … Read more Mass Files

Field Recording Technical Introduction Course

I recently produced a series of simple short videos of me discussing various field recording techniques. I haven’t put them online yet, but I plan to do so in the near future (although I’m not planning on making them freely available to the public). My videos are aimed at people who have some basic existing … Read more Field Recording Technical Introduction Course

More on Loudness Standards

I have blogged about loudness for the web and mobile devices before (Mixing Levels for Mobile Devices and Online Music Loudness), and things are slowly starting to become a bit more standardised. The AES Technical Council released a recommendation paper late last year which is fairly in line with stuff I have previously included in my blog, … Read more More on Loudness Standards

Plug-in Vector Matrix

Someone recently posted a link to a guest contribution by Charles Maynes on the Designing Sound website from a few years ago where he shows a simple but effective way of setting up a plug-in vector matrix in Pro Tools HD using a surround bus. Check it out at: