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A Quiet Place — Telling a Story with Sound

The film A Quiet Place by John Krasinksi is a great example of a film where sound is truly integral to the whole story. A lot of times sound is not considered too much at the script writing stage, which can make for some missed opportunities, but in the case of A Quiet Place, it was […]

Theatre Sound Design for Spongebob Squarepants

There is a good article on the Backstage website discussing what goes into the sound design for “Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical”, which includes live triggered sound effects and Foley work. Read the article at:

Sound Effects Master Class with Mark Mangini

Soundworks Collection have posted up a neat short masterclass video with sound editor Mark Mangini (Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max: Fury Road) about his process, particularly with regards to choosing sound effects. Check it out below:

Walter Murch explains Sound Editing and Mixing

Walter Murch is a true master of film and sound editing, and Academy Originals have posted up a couple of videos recently of Murch discussing what sound editing and mixing is. You can get some insights by checking out the videos below.    

Video discussing sound perspective

Nerdwriter1 has made a neat little short video discussing sound design, but with particular reference to a scene from the film Munich by Steven Spielberg and discussing sound perspective. You can check it out below.  

Inside the Pinewood Foley Studio

BAFTA Guru takes us for a tour inside the Pinewood Foley Studio in the UK in a great short video that has been posted online. The video features some discussion of the process from the Foley team, and is one of the better put-together videos for instructional purposes for Foley. Check it out below:  

A Conversation with Ben Burtt on Perseverance

Shaun Farley has posted an interview with sound design legend Ben Burtt on the Designing Sound website, which gives some insight into the sound design process and the roles of experimentation, failure and perseverance. Read the full thing at:  

Sounds of Nature

I have been fortunate to be involved with recording quite a bit of Foley for nature documentaries over the last little while. There are a couple of great articles from about 10 years ago that I often refer to in sound design classes that discuss the sound of nature documentaries. I won’t spoil the story, […]

The Sound of Sports

I previously included a link to a couple of articles about the sound of sports on television ( Those articles were in reference to a radio documentary program called “The Sound of Sports” produced in 2011. I recently found a link to the full 1 hour program. It is an interesting listen and you can […]

Beep – Budget

Karen Collins has finished her game audio documentary project, Beep, which sounds like a huge undertaking. Karen has provided “a little post-mortem for future filmmakers out there to understand just how expensive it is to make a movie” on her website. To check out details of her budget, visit: