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Another Foley Movie

Foley is one of those aspects of film and television sound that really captures people’s imagination. Here is yet another short video about Foley to add to the various ones I have linked to on this site already:  

Murch Mix Cue Sheets

There are a couple of “sound cue sheets (not in their original color, alas) for the mix of Apocalypse Now, drawn by Walter Murch; from the excellent new book by Michael Ondaatje, The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film (New York 2002)” reproduced at the following link, along with a couple of […]

Mix Tips and Tricks has some interesting little organisational tips for Pro Tools on their website at: The EuControl macro looks like an interesting one that I might try out.

Scene without SFX or Music

Techly posted up an article referring to a couple of videos of a scene from the film Everest. In the first one there is only the (ADRed) dialogue, and then in the second one is the complete mix. It’s a cool reference for people to make them think about the elements of a film sound […]

How to Lav Different Outfits

The 4 minute Film School have produced a quick and dirty reference video for how and where to lav people wearing 17 different outfits. It doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but it packs a lot in a short video. Check it out below…

Another video about Foley

Another cool short video about Foley has been posted up, but this one takes a slightly weather centric approach. Check it out below…

Commercial Aviation World Map

I’m currently reading Gordon Hempton’s book “Earth is a Solar Powered Jukebox”, which I am enjoying a lot. In it Hempton refers to a Creative Commons map of the world that shows “scheduled airline traffic around the world, circa June 2009. Contains 54317 routes, rendered at 25% transparency.” Here it is below: By Jpatokal (Own […]

Yosemite Soundscapes

Yosemite National Park have produced a short episode of their “Yosemite Sound Notes” about Soundscapes and the value of the sound of the natural environment (biophony and geophony). It even includes some Bernie Krause discussing the health side effects of sound on people. Check it out below…

Bernie Krause: The Voice of the Natural World

Bernie Krause gave a TED Talk a few years ago about “The Voice of the Natural World” which is a neat little snapshot of some of his soundscape recording and its value for ecological studies. Check it out below:

Balancing your Tonearm

The Vinyl Factory have published a handy tutorial article on how to balance your tone arm on your record player/turntable to get the best results. A handy reference for people that can be checked out at: How to balance your tonearm: A step-by-step guide