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Stereo Widener Plug-in Testing

I was recently having a play around with a stereo widener plug-in on a track and noticed that it was having some issues with causing level drops when monoing the mix, so I decided to have a play around with a few different stereo width plug-ins to see how differently they might treat things. I […]

Loudness Penalty

Ian Shepherd does plenty of great work on educating people about dynamics and loudness for music, and he has collaborated with MeterPlugs on a website called Loudness Penalty that analyses your music’s loudness to see how much it might get turned down when normalised by the various online platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, etc. Ian […]

Sonic degustation anyone?

Everyone has had a meal in a noisy restaurant and struggled to hear the conversation at their table right? Well that is one very good reason to consider the acoustics in restaurants, but another one just might be that sound affects taste! SevenFiftyDaily have published an interesting article discussing “How Sound Affects Taste—and How to […]

For Those About to (Record) Rock

I find myself often answering the same sort of questions from musicians about the recording process so I thought it would make sense to jot down an overview of some things as a reference that I can direct people to… The Process So you’ve written some songs that you’d like to record and release, but […]

The Same Song Sung in 15 Places

I recently came across a video of a person going by the name wikisinger singing in different places to show the effect of the acoustics and associated reverberation. The video is similar in style to another I had previously seen of a drummer playing in various places, and you can check them both out along […]

Some considerations for studio builds

The other day I was checking out some of the resources on the BBC R&D website with regards to good standards/specifications for studios. I have compiled references to some of the papers that I found to be most useful. The following considerations make reference to various papers produced by BBC R&D, as examples of industry […]

Royalty Free Music

I sometimes get sound and media students asking about where to find royalty free music for their projects. I have had a couple use tracks from incompetech recently, and that site seems quite straight-forward in terms of it’s licensing options. There is also a good list of royalty free music resources available at: Royalty Free […]

Loudness Online Infographic

About a year ago Ian Shepherd published a neat infographic on loudness of online music platforms, and he recently updated it with current details for Tidal. It’s a handy snapshots of the online loudness environment. Check it out at: Loudness online – how loud is loud enough, and how loud is too loud ?  

Hellbringer Album Review

Hellbringer are a great local heavy metal band who I have worked with on a few recordings (well, all of them to at least some degree). I recorded and mixed their 2nd full length album which is due to be released soon, and the first review is in, coming from Marco Stebich on the Voices […]

Sylvia Massy: Adventure Recording

Sylvia Massey has produced some fantastic records, having worked with artists like Tool, Johnny Cash, Cog and System of a Down. In this short video from Sound on Sound magazine Sylvia discusses “Adventure Recording”, including why you should always have a handy piece of hose with you: