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Gordon Hempton 360 Video

The New York Times have published a really neat 360 video featuring Gordon Hempton discussing silence and his work, focussing on the Hoh Rain Forest, in Washington State.  It is really well put together, and although I’m not sure I’m into the 3D treatment on the voice over as you move about, I reckon it is […]

Hearing is Believing in new Mercedes-AMG cinema ad

The sound of a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+ Sedan is impressive enough that they have foregone most visuals in favour of acousmatic sound recorded comprehensively and mixed into a 9.1 cinema format for a new ad campaign. You can find out more details and watch the ad at:

A Conversation with Ben Burtt on Perseverance

Shaun Farley has posted an interview with sound design legend Ben Burtt on the Designing Sound website, which gives some insight into the sound design process and the roles of experimentation, failure and perseverance. Read the full thing at:  

The Longplayer Conversation: Chris Watson and David Attenborough

The British Library have posted up video from their recent 2017 Longplayer Conversation, bringing together long time collaborators, sound recordist Chris Watson and naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough for a discussion of of some of their experiences around nature field recording. It is a fantastic chat between two of the greats of nature documentary […]

Richard Fidler interviews Chris Watson

Richard Fidler recently interviewed field recordist Chris Watson as part of his Conversations series on ABC Radio. It is a great interview, likely to be of interest to many people. Check it out at: Fortunately I will be getting a chance to see Chris Watson perform at the Wired Lab Open Day this weekend, […]

Being Hear Short Film

There is a short film featuring Gordon Hempton discussing the importance of quiet and listening. Silence, as he puts it, “is the think tank of the soul.” Check out the video below: Being Hear from Spruce Tone Films on Vimeo.

The Same Song Sung in 15 Places

I recently came across a video of a person going by the name wikisinger singing in different places to show the effect of the acoustics and associated reverberation. The video is similar in style to another I had previously seen of a drummer playing in various places, and you can check them both out along […]

Fish singing dawn chorus

New Scientist published an article a little while back discussing some hydrophone recording research into dawn and dusk choruses of fish off the Western Australian coast. You can check out the article and a sample recording at:  

In Search of Pistol Shrimp Video

Ambient (Audio equipment manufacturers) have a great little video on their website that follows their team as they take their hydrophone rig out to locate some pistol shrimp around some reef areas. These shrimp are easy to hear, but harder to see. The video features some great hydrophone recordings and underwater footage. Check it out […]

Commercial Aviation World Map

I’m currently reading Gordon Hempton’s book “Earth is a Solar Powered Jukebox”, which I am enjoying a lot. In it Hempton refers to a Creative Commons map of the world that shows “scheduled airline traffic around the world, circa June 2009. Contains 54317 routes, rendered at 25% transparency.” Here it is below: By Jpatokal (Own […]