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Sounds of Nature

I have been fortunate to be involved with recording quite a bit of Foley for nature documentaries over the last little while. There are a couple of great articles from about 10 years ago that I often refer to in sound design classes that discuss the sound of nature documentaries. I won’t spoil the story, […]

The Sound of Sports

I previously included a link to a couple of articles about the sound of sports on television ( Those articles were in reference to a radio documentary program called “The Sound of Sports” produced in 2011. I recently found a link to the full 1 hour program. It is an interesting listen and you can […]

New Apple Audio Patent

Apple have put in a new patent for a sound playback system that controls the directivity of dialogue separately to effects and music for screen productions. This could have interesting consequences for deliverables in the future if it becomes a commercial reality. Apple’s Audio Director is none other than Tomlinson Holman, the founder of the […]

Scene without SFX or Music

Techly posted up an article referring to a couple of videos of a scene from the film Everest. In the first one there is only the (ADRed) dialogue, and then in the second one is the complete mix. It’s a cool reference for people to make them think about the elements of a film sound […]

Another video about Foley

Another cool short video about Foley has been posted up, but this one takes a slightly weather centric approach. Check it out below…

Loudness for TV Mixes

I was recently undertaking a mix for a TV show and I was asked to “bring this track up as high as you can go without breaking the broadcasting rules”. This was with regards to a music track that the Director really wanted to make loud, and in response to my reasonably conservative first mix. This […]

Some considerations for studio builds

The other day I was checking out some of the resources on the BBC R&D website with regards to good standards/specifications for studios. I have compiled references to some of the papers that I found to be most useful. The following considerations make reference to various papers produced by BBC R&D, as examples of industry […]

Digilante on ABC2

I was fortunate enough to get to do the audio mix for a new documentary for the ABC by Mike Nayna called Digilante. It is screening on ABC2 on Wednesday 21 December, and I recommend it as a great, thought-provoking watch. Some blurb from the media release below… “Incredibly tense and brilliant.” JON RONSON AUTHOR […]

Royalty Free Music

I sometimes get sound and media students asking about where to find royalty free music for their projects. I have had a couple use tracks from incompetech recently, and that site seems quite straight-forward in terms of it’s licensing options. There is also a good list of royalty free music resources available at: Royalty Free […]

Adobe VoCo

Adobe have previewed their VoCo (Voice Conversion) software, which allows users to edit dialogue recordings by using text. It looks interesting, but you also need quite a bit of recorded dialogue for it to use as analysis to work properly. Not sure how useful this will be to most people, but interesting technology nonetheless. Check […]