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Sonic degustation anyone?

Everyone has had a meal in a noisy restaurant and struggled to hear the conversation at their table right? Well that is one very good reason to consider the acoustics in restaurants, but another one just might be that sound affects taste! SevenFiftyDaily have published an interesting article discussing “How Sound Affects Taste—and How to […]

Everything You Should Know About Sound

OK, so it doesn’t necessarily include Everything You Should Know About Sound, but Tim Urban’s blog post on his Wait But Why site of that title is a pretty good primer into some of the fundamentals of sound, with some interesting facts. Read the full thing at: Everything You Should Know About Sound

Atmosphere and Speed of Sound Calculator

University of Sydney have an online standard atmosphere calculator that can be useful for calculating the speed of sound at different altitudes. Check it out at:

The Same Song Sung in 15 Places

I recently came across a video of a person going by the name wikisinger singing in different places to show the effect of the acoustics and associated reverberation. The video is similar in style to another I had previously seen of a drummer playing in various places, and you can check them both out along […]