BBC Sound Effects Online

The BBC have released more than 16,000 sound effects online under the RemArc Licence which allows for personal, educational or research purposes. This is a fantastic resource for students and can be accessed at:

3D Audio Spatialization Plugins Review

Chris Lane has written up a review for Designing Sound of a few of the common and free 3d audio spatialization plug-ins currently available for gaming and VR. It also serves as a good introduction to some of the possibilities allowed through these tools. Read the full article at the link below. Let’s Test: 3D […]

Export AAF/OMF from Premiere

Exporting OMFs and AAFs from Premiere to import into Pro Tools for audio post-production work is an extremely common task, but it is fraught with dangers that might not make it work as well or as smoothly as it should. Following the proper process should maintain metadata through the whole process, and avoid the possibility […]

Walter Murch explains Sound Editing and Mixing

Walter Murch is a true master of film and sound editing, and Academy Originals have posted up a couple of videos recently of Murch discussing what sound editing and mixing is. You can get some insights by checking out the videos below.    

Effect of Noise on Animals

There have been a number of studies looking into the effect of noise on animals. Noise, of course can have huge effect on the well-being of any animal, including humans. There is a report by J. Brou?ek (NAFC – Research Institute for Animal Production Nitra, Slovak Republic) that summarises a bunch of findings which can be […]

Video discussing sound perspective

Nerdwriter1 has made a neat little short video discussing sound design, but with particular reference to a scene from the film Munich by Steven Spielberg and discussing sound perspective. You can check it out below.  

Hearing is Believing in new Mercedes-AMG cinema ad

The sound of a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+ Sedan is impressive enough that they have foregone most visuals in favour of acousmatic sound recorded comprehensively and mixed into a 9.1 cinema format for a new ad campaign. You can find out more details and watch the ad at:

Inside the Pinewood Foley Studio

BAFTA Guru takes us for a tour inside the Pinewood Foley Studio in the UK in a great short video that has been posted online. The video features some discussion of the process from the Foley team, and is one of the better put-together videos for instructional purposes for Foley. Check it out below:  

Sonic degustation anyone?

Everyone has had a meal in a noisy restaurant and struggled to hear the conversation at their table right? Well that is one very good reason to consider the acoustics in restaurants, but another one just might be that sound affects taste! SevenFiftyDaily have published an interesting article discussing “How Sound Affects Taste—and How to […]

Blue World Order Review

Blue World Order has scored a great review on the Horror Society website, scoring 8 out of 10, with the reviewer stating that “every aspect is carried out to perfection and I sincerely hope that this title takes its demographic by storm“. I was Supervising Sound Editor for the sci-fi action feature film “that’s hitting […]