The Sound of Sports

I previously included a link to a couple of articles about the sound of sports on television ( Those articles were in reference to a radio documentary program called “The Sound of Sports” produced in 2011. I recently found a link to the full 1 hour program. It is an interesting listen and you can […]

New Apple Audio Patent

Apple have put in a new patent for a sound playback system that controls the directivity of dialogue separately to effects and music for screen productions. This could have interesting consequences for deliverables in the future if it becomes a commercial reality. Apple’s Audio Director is none other than Tomlinson Holman, the founder of the […]

How to fight desertification and reverse climate change

Ecologist Allan Savory gave a really interesting TED Talk a few years back about the power of livestock grazing to mimic nature in order to help reverse desertification. Check it out below:

Fish singing dawn chorus

New Scientist published an article a little while back discussing some hydrophone recording research into dawn and dusk choruses of fish off the Western Australian coast. You can check out the article and a sample recording at:  

Scene without SFX or Music

Techly posted up an article referring to a couple of videos of a scene from the film Everest. In the first one there is only the (ADRed) dialogue, and then in the second one is the complete mix. It’s a cool reference for people to make them think about the elements of a film sound […]

In Search of Pistol Shrimp Video

Ambient (Audio equipment manufacturers) have a great little video on their website that follows their team as they take their hydrophone rig out to locate some pistol shrimp around some reef areas. These shrimp are easy to hear, but harder to see. The video features some great hydrophone recordings and underwater footage. Check it out […]

How to Lav Different Outfits

The 4 minute Film School have produced a quick and dirty reference video for how and where to lav people wearing 17 different outfits. It doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but it packs a lot in a short video. Check it out below…

Another video about Foley

Another cool short video about Foley has been posted up, but this one takes a slightly weather centric approach. Check it out below…

Cool Comics

I came across a couple of great comics the other day – one that shows climate change over many millenia ( and another that I think is related, about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world ( I recommend them to people to check out for some info, and for a  bit of fun.

Commercial Aviation World Map

I’m currently reading Gordon Hempton’s book “Earth is a Solar Powered Jukebox”, which I am enjoying a lot. In it Hempton refers to a Creative Commons map of the world that shows “scheduled airline traffic around the world, circa June 2009. Contains 54317 routes, rendered at 25% transparency.” Here it is below: By Jpatokal (Own […]