Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock Letter to Artists

A few years ago musician greats Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock wrote an open letter to the next generation of artists for NestHQ. The letter is a beautiful piece sharing some key points of their philosophy including awakening to your humanity, embracing the road less travelled, and several others. It can be inspirational for artists. […]

Walter Murch Videos

The Web of Stories website has a bunch of videos of some of the “greatest people of our time telling their life stories”, and their collection includes stories from Walter Murch, who is one of the greats of sound design and film editing. I’ve checked out a few of the videos so far, and I […]

Beneath the Surface

I currently have a sound installation called Beneath the Surface at Enlighten Festival which runs each evening from 1 March until 10 March in Canberra. The festival is based around projections onto the national institutions based in the parliamentary triangle including the National Library of Australia, Questacon, National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Australia and […]

Online Sound Generators

The Sound Pack Tree has a few basic online sound generators on their website which includes a generator for Shepard tones/ambiences, fireworks and footsteps. Not all of the generators seemed to be loading properly in my browser, but I did have a play with the Shepard tone one in Safari and it is pretty cool. […]

Sonarworks Match the Mix

Sonarworks have put up a fun little web-based EQ game called Match the Mix that might be a useful resource for students just starting to learn the fundamentals of EQ. Check it out at: https://matchthemix.sonarworks.com/

Intro to Surround Mixing in Pro Tools Video

Paul Maunder from Pro Tools Expert published a neat free video tutorial discussing the basics of mixing in surround in Pro Tools Ultimate. It covers a good amount of ground in its 40 or so minutes and serves as a good introduction for people looking to get started in surround mixing in Pro Tools. Check […]

Can plants hear?

I remember an episode of Mythbusters where the team set up a few different greenhouses with different sound or lack of sound and found that the plants growing in the greenhouses with more sound generally grew better. A new study has just been released which shows that some flowers respond to pollinator sound within minutes by […]

Hildegard Westerkamp on the radio

CBC Radio from Canada released a nice radio interview with Hildegard Westerkamp last year which has some good insights into her philosophy. Westerkamp is an influential sound artist and acoustic ecologist, who is mainly known for her soundscape compositions. The piece touches on the importance of listening and being in the moment (much like mindfulness), […]

Yellowstone Sound Library

Yellowstone National Park have done a cool thing by releasing a whole library of sounds that were recorded in the National Park into the public domain. The library includes a bunch of biophony including bird and bear calls, and geophony including geysers. You can access the library online at: https://www.nps.gov/yell/learn/photosmultimedia/soundlibrary.htm They also have a short […]

SOFAR Channel Explanation

The Discovery of Sound in the Sea website has some great information and resources about underwater sound, particularly with regards to sound in the ocean and its effects on sea creatures. Included on their site is a really clear simple explanation of the SOFAR channel which you can check out at: Sound Travel in the […]