Hildegard Westerkamp on the radio

CBC Radio from Canada released a nice radio interview with Hildegard Westerkamp last year which has some good insights into her philosophy. Westerkamp is an influential sound artist and acoustic ecologist, who is mainly known for her soundscape compositions. The piece touches on the importance of listening and being in the moment (much like mindfulness), […]

Yellowstone Sound Library

Yellowstone National Park have done a cool thing by releasing a whole library of sounds that were recorded in the National Park into the public domain. The library includes a bunch of biophony including bird and bear calls, and geophony including geysers. You can access the library online at: https://www.nps.gov/yell/learn/photosmultimedia/soundlibrary.htm They also have a short […]

SOFAR Channel Explanation

The Discovery of Sound in the Sea website has some great information and resources about underwater sound, particularly with regards to sound in the ocean and its effects on sea creatures. Included on their site is a really clear simple explanation of the SOFAR channel which you can check out at: Sound Travel in the […]

Pro Tools Mixing Automation Tutorial with Brad Engleking

Earlier in the year Pro Sound Effects published a video that featured supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer Brad Engleking (Sin City 2, Machete Kills) discussing his top tips for dealing with Pro Tools automation. He takes a non-control surface approach in this video that is applicable to anyone with Pro Tools, although some aspects are only available […]

Studio Etiquette

Tape Op magazine have published a handy article titled “Studio Etiquette: Everything Your Engineer Wants You To Know But Is Afraid To Say”, which covers pretty much what it says in the title. There might be one or two things that I would add or cover slightly differently, but in general I agree with what […]

Comic Explainer – Old Growth Eucalypts

I love a good infographic or comic explainer, and The Conversation have posted a nice graphic explanation of the importance of old growth eucalypts here in Australia. You can check it out at the link below. https://theconversation.com/comic-explainer-forest-giants-house-thousands-of-animals-so-why-do-we-keep-cutting-them-down-106708

The Foley Team at Skywalker Sound

Skywalker Sound is one of the big names in sound for film, and a short video profile has been posted up by American Lifestyle chatting to their Foley team about their work. Check it out below.  

OzPod 2018

OzPod2018: ABC’s Podcast Conference, was on this week, and ABC are kind enough to share recordings of their sessions online which includes some potentially useful resources for podcasters. You can check them out at: https://www.abc.net.au/events/ozpod/episodes/

Music Industry Sales

The Visualist Capitalist website has posted a great graph showing music industry sales in the USA in $ (adjusted for inflation) over the past 40 years. It shows that music sales revenue peaked in the late 90’s, with CDs making up over 95% of the market in 2002, before MP3s and streaming services came online […]

25fps to 24fps Audio for DCP

For a documentary project that I recently completed audio post-production on, I was asked about converting the native 25 frames per second (fps) audio mixes to a 24 frames per second (fps) version to make a 24 fps DCP that is a safe interop version for playback worldwide for festival screenings. The normal process for converting from […]